Our Staff

  • Mr Stewart James

    Executive Head Teacher

  • Mrs Gemma Roxburgh

    Head of School / Owls Teacher (Years 5/6)

  • Mrs Suzy Bennett

    Owls Teacher (Years 5/6)

  • Mrs Jane Pryor

    Inclusion Manager

  • Mrs Ann Hill

    School Business Manager

  • Mr Allan Wright

    Deputy Head of School /Badgers Teacher (Years 3/4)

  • Ms Charlie Jackman

    Foxes Teacher (Years 1/2)

  • Mrs Rea Hamilton

    Foxes Teacher (Years 1/2)

  • Mrs Rose Baker

    Hedgehogs Teacher (Years R/1)

  • Miss Carolyn Finch

    Hedgehogs Teacher (Years R/1)

  • Mrs Cecilia Jones

    Finance Assistant

  • Mrs Sally Lilley

    Higher Level Teaching Assistant/ Owls Class

  • Mrs Debi Whitehorn

    Teaching Assistant - Badgers Class

  • Mrs Jane Evans

    Teaching Assistant -Foxes Class

  • Mrs Kirsty Curran

    Teaching Assistant- Hedgehogs Class

  • Mrs Kerry Tasker

    Teaching Assistant- Hedgehogs Class

  • Miss Rachel Lewis

    On Maternity Leave

  • Miss Emma Langley

    School Cook

  • Mr David Higham

    Premises Manager

  • Mrs Heather Isted