Uniform Policy


Uniform Policy

Wearing school uniform is an important factor in helping children to develop a sense of pride and belonging in their school. Uniform also ensures that children are wearing practical, appropriate clothes and that they do not have to compete in the fashion stakes.


This policy has been developed through a democratic process and we have worked closely with parents and carers from across the school. As a result of this consultation the policy allows a degree of flexibility and we ask that parents and carers co-operate by sending their children to school according to the uniform code set out below:



  • Grey or black smart school style trousers, shorts, skirt or pinafore. No denim or track suit bottoms

  • Red and white school style dresses - gingham or stripes

  • Plain (except for the school logo) white or red shirt: this can be a polo shirt, T shirt without a collar or long/short sleeved shirts. NB long sleeved T shirts should not be worn under short sleeved shirts.

  • Red jumper, sweatshirt or fleece: preferably one with the Hamsey logo but any other plain red long sleeved top is acceptable. Sweatshirts, jumpers etc with pictures, logos (other than the Hamsey logo) should not be worn. Hooded sweatshirts are not appropriate for school uniform.

  • Plain red, white, black or grey socks or tights. Plain leggings in these colours may be worn under skirts, pinafores or dresses in place of tights. .



  • Preferred footwear is sensible school style black shoes. Brown or red school style shoes can also be worn. Toes should be covered throughout the year (please see the Headteacher if you need clarification) and wearing socks is preferred, but optional with more lightweight summer style shoes.

  • We would prefer it if your child did not wear trainers to school: if trainers are worn they should be plain black.

  • Boots can be worn in winter. Boots should be one colour and black is preferred, but brown or red is also acceptable. They should not be a fashion item and should be as plain as possible: minimal fur and only a discrete pattern, if any at all. Chunky boots, wellington boots or snow boots are not acceptable footwear for school uniform. If these are worn because of bad weather your child will be expected to change into footwear appropriate for the classroom .

  • Crocs are not allowed


Jewellery, Make- up and Hair

  • The only pieces of jewellery allowed are a wrist watch and plain stud earrings. These should be removed for PE, or in certain circumstances, earrings can be covered with microporous tape, which should be supplied from home.

  • Long hair should be tied back for PE (please ensure your child has a hair tie in school)) and at the class teacher’s discretion for other lessons e.g. cooking.

  • Hair accessories should be modest and suitable for an active school day.

  • No make-up is permitted, including nail varnish.


   PE Uniform

  • Plain white T-Shirt;

  • Black shorts, leggings or tracksuit bottoms

  • Red sweatshirt, fleece or jumper

  • Black plimsolls

  • Trainers for outdoor PE (optional).

This kit should be kept at school in a PE bag so that it is available at any time: lesson days sometimes change with no notice.

Please see above for guidance on hair and jewellery.


Mobile Phones

If your child brings a mobile phone to school for any reason they will be kept in the school office for the day.


What if my child is not wearing the correct uniform?

If a child comes to school wearing inappropriate clothes they will be offered uniform from washed, unclaimed lost property to wear for the day and reminded to wear the correct uniform the next day. The Headteacher will contact the parents if there is persistent breaking of this uniform code.


Buying School Uniform

Branded school uniform can be purchased from Intersport in Lewes.

School uniform in appropriate colours can often be bought cheaply from national chains e.g. Tesco, Asda etc. If the cost of uniform is a problem for your family please speak to the Head Teacher in confidence.

Paper copies of our school policies are available from our school office.

T. 01273 400370 E. hamseyoffice@skylarkfed.education A. Cooksbridge, Lewes, East Sussex, BN8 4SJ