Headteacher's Welcome

Hello, I am Mr Dean, Head of School. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Hamsey Community Primary School. 

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum in our wonderful school environment. Being a small school allows us to build strong relationships; all of the children and staff know each other well. 

We are a kind, creative community where learning is an adventure! These principles are woven through everything we do here.


Our school charter gives an overview of our school:

  • We are kind, gentle and forgiving.

  • We celebrate our school community and the world around us.

  • We value our learning and creativity. 

  • We feel safe to be who we are. 

  • Our pro-social choices create a safe space for everyone.

  • Our learning behaviours are: curiosity, determination, independence, pride and respect. 


I am proud of our dedicated and caring team of staff, governors, families and community members who support our school and the children to thrive. 

If you would like to find out more about our school, please contact the school office to arrange a tour. I would be delighted to meet you, to answer any questions you might have and to show you around our unique school.