Design Technology

Design and Technology at Hamsey School



Our intent for the Design and Technology curriculum is that children will have a clear understanding of the complete DT process from analysing existing products to designing, making and evaluating their own Each unit will have a clear, real-life purpose with an increasing focus on sustainability and adaptability.  



In the Spring Term, our focus is the Explore part of our curriculum which provides an opportunity for a focus on Design and TechnologyTheir project allows the children to undertake the full DT process. This includes: 

Analysing existing products 

In this initial stage, all children will look at existing products on the market and consider their appeal and purpose.  


This aspect of the process is where all children will have the opportunity to design their own productThis will range from designing a product with a given specification in EYFS and KS1 to creating their own specification and design by the end of KS2 


Children learn to use a variety of tools, techniques and materials to bring their designs to life, adapting these as necessaryThis work includes consideration of risk and hygiene to ensure children can work independently and achieve their goal safely.  


A core part of the design and creation process is evaluation. Children are given opportunities and the language to evaluate products by looking at their effectiveness against the specification, testing them and suggesting ways they could be improved. 



By teaching DT through the Explore project, the children can focus on the skills required to undertake a successful DT project, which they build on as they journey through the school.  By ensuring that each unit is purposeful, the children can see the importance and real-life uses of DT.