School Vision and Ethos

Hamsey School Vision

Our vision is to be a small school with big ideas and an excellent reputation. We offer a unique range of learning opportunities and, working closely with parents and carers, support the needs, strengths and interests of all our children so that everyone can aim high. Our children are happy, thoughtful, confident, independent learners, who leave us prepared for the future.

We are a kind, creative school where learning is an adventure.


Hamsey School Ethos

At Hamsey School we:

  • value the whole child by providing a nurturing, inclusive environment.
  • enjoy a warm family atmosphere where we develop close relationships with parents.
  • achieve consistently good academic standards through creative teaching and learning.
  • are committed to learning outdoors, including Forest School.
  • encourage responsible, respectful attitudes in our school community.
Hamsey School Charter
  • We are kind, gentle and forgiving.
  • We celebrate our school community and the world around us.
  • We value our learning and creativity.
  • We feel safe to be who we are.
  • Our pro-social choices create a safe space for everyone.
  • Our learning behaviours are curiosity, determination, independence, pride and respect.